NVBS prides itself in having the resources to have a mentorship program. Paring is based on location of the mentor to prospective pupils. Members can be assigned to various experienced mentors who can answer questions and provide consultation when needed.​ This is a way to ensure members get the full experience and further their understanding of bonsai as well as refine their skill. As that is the club's mission and purpose, the mentorship program makes logistical common sense.

Bonsai to most newcomers can be challenging as information about the art can be quite overwhelming. With the help of a mentor, information can be managed and the new practitioner can appreciate and understand the art better without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The mentorship program is free to members with a paid annual subscription. The various experienced mentors will usually meet at their residence or at other venues throughout the year. The material of trees, pots and tools is the responsibility of the member.

With consistent effort, a newcomer can definitely see a change in their trees having been through the mentorship program. With time, their skill will progress and their knowledge in the art will blossom as well. Their efforts will be rewarded with their material being viable to be shown in shows.

If you're interested please contact any NVBS officer or email 

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