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The Northern Virginia Bonsai Society (NVBS) has been an active group in Northern Virginia since 1965. The club is a non-profit with a mission of furthering the art and science of bonsai. Over 90 members strong, NVBS welcomes all prospective members who have an interest in the art form and provides substantial resources to new and experienced bonsai enthusiasts.

Our Meetings:

NVBS generally meets on the second Saturday of each month beginning at 9 a.m. at the Kirkwood Presbyterian Church at 8336 Carrleigh Pkwy, Springfield, VA 22152. Meetings will vary so check our meeting itinerary on the Next Meeting tab. A typical meeting will include a lecture and demonstration of bonsai techniques presented by one of our local experts or a professional bonsai artist followed by a bring-your-own-tree work session when members can seek help and guidance from other members. When professional artists are used additional workshops are offered to our members. Workshop information can be found in the Programming tab. Meeting end times vary and are flexible to your schedule.


Perhaps our greatest resource is our members. NVBS members have a combined total of several lifetimes of bonsai knowledge and skill, and we often say, "if you have a question, one of our members probably has the answer." In addition, this website houses a wealth of information for members including content from past exhibitions, past presenters, and past news letters, as well as information about mentors and our members' own online forum. See the Resources, Mentorship, and NVBS Forum tabs for more information.

NVBS Officers

President: Aaron Stratten

Vice President, Programming: Jack Rubenstein

Vice President, Membership: Curtis Bueno

Secretary: Donna Johnson

Treasurer: Ralph Sandfry

Past President: Gary Reese

More content can be found on any one of our social media outlets.

If you have questions, please email us at nvbsnews@gmail.com


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