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Next Meeting

Tree Critique, BYOT tree work, and Raffle Meeting 

June 10, 2023 at Kirkwood Presbyterian Church

Are you ready for Spring tree work?


Having had bonsai professionals and paid workshops

for the first part of 2023, it’s time to get to the basics.  


For our June meeting we are going to do tree critiques,

have Mentor assisted tree work and the much anticipated



Last year we started doing “tree critiques” which is a great

way to learn and to see the many options one can design

a tree, bring your tree for a critique….


Also, Spring is a great time to work on your

deciduous trees and/or azaleas, especially

if you bought one from the May NVBS Azalea

Sale. Bring your trees, tools and wire, to work

on your trees and seek Mentor advice. 


Finally we will have a huge raffle! Be prepared

to buy your raffle tickets (1 for $1, 6 for $5). There

will be a wide assortment of material coming from

former members, a couple of estates, and from you

all. Feel free to bring your items that you would like

to donate in order to give it new life. 


So join us on Saturday, June 10th at 9 am at

Kirkwood Presbyterian Church for our next



Bring a tree and stay a while! 

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