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Past NVBS Presenters

Throughout the years NVBS has had a diverse array of bonsai artists, including ones that have been trained in Japan, present their bonsai knowledge to the club. These artists have also led workshops that have helped our members develop their bonsai skills and their trees. 

NVBS continues to seek presenters from all backgrounds and hope they can help you further your knowledge and skill in bonsai.

Future workshops and programs are posted on the Programming page.


Julian Adams, Adam’s Bonsai
Active in bonsai since receiving a gift bonsai in 1971, his primary interest is to make bonsai plants and supplies conveniently available to bonsai enthusiasts located in Lynchburg, Virginia. A graduate from MIT with a degree in Engineering, he studies and writes extensively about bonsai. 

Will Baddeley, Wildwood Bonsai
Based in the UK, and has been creating and carving bonsai for 20 years. He specializes in native species, machine carving and teaching bonsai techniques.

Martha Meehan, Meehan Miniatures
Nearly 50 years of bonsai experience and runs a nursery, in the shadow of South Mountain in Rohrersville, Maryland, which is full of bonsai and pre-bonsai.

Robert Mahler, Kifu Bonsai
Based in PA. He apprenticed under Chase Rosade of Rosade Bonsai in PA. Spent 4 years under the world renowned bonsai artist Susumo Sudo in Tochigiken Japan.

Mauro Stemberger, Italian Bonsai Dream
Former President of UBI ( Italian Bonsai association ) and director of UBI bonsai magazine. Mauro is based in Italy and travels extensively throughout the world giving bonsai demonstrations and workshops.

Sean Smith, Custom Oriental Wood-craft
Based in in Marysville, PA, Sean is internationally known for his skills in bonsai and suiseki and lectures around the world on these topics. In 2001, Mr. Arishige Matsuura, President of the Japanese Suiseki Association, proclaimed Sean the number one daiza carver outside of the Japan.


Steven Miller
A freelance illustrator, potter, past president of PBA and current president of Peaceful Way Bonsai Club in upper Maryland. Steven is a great artist and has created many beautiful bonsai pots.


Larry Jackel
Curator of the Bill Hosokawa Bonsai Pavilion at the Denver Botanic Gardens. He is a great artist and is known for tree species native to Colorado.

Dr. John Kirby
Based in CT, Dr Kirby is a professor and Dean of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences at the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Kirby is a bonsai professional and participates in various workshops.

Danny Coffey, Tree the PeopleBased in Asheville's River Arts District, Danny completed a multi-year apprenticeship at Aichien Bonsai Nursery in Nagoya Japan and interned at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum in Washington D.C. He focuses on a  practical and easy to understand approach to styling and maintaining bonsai.

Jack Sustic
Former curator of the Bonsai and Penjing Museum at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. Jack is a bonsai professional and participates in various workshops.

NVBS Members

Joe Gutierrez A current member of NVBS, Joe is known as a "magician" with bonsai. He's made incredible transformations with trees and has a vast amount of bonsai knowledge.

Chuck Croft Current NVBS member and the past president of both PBA and NVBS, Chuck is a wealth of bonsai knowledge. He has covered everything from horticultural practices to
design applications in past presentations. 

Aaron Stratten Former NVBS president and a Fairfax County Art Director, Aaron has played quite in integral part in promoting discussions on the art side of bonsai. His vast knowledge in ceramics and bonsai pot creation has also pushed the club to new heights.

Rich Bozak A current member of NVBS, and a committed student studying bonsai design with Ryan Neil and Bjorn Bjorholm. Rich brings to the table a substantial amount of knowledge of Mirai techniques, and brings an expertise with junipers.

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