Bonsai Presenter Biographies

NVBS through the years have had various presenters speak and demonstrate their bonsai knowledge. For new and existing members, past and prospective presenters biographies can accessed. This can potentially help members, should the member have a specific tree species they enjoy cultivating and the presenter is an expert on said tree species.

Workshops will be posted in the Programming page. NVBS is pleased to bring you a diverse repertoire of presenters from all backgrounds and hope they can help you further your knowledge and skill in bonsai.

Future workshops and programs are posted on the Programming page.

Ryan Neil

Having completed his full apprenticeship for Masahiko Kimura. Blessed by his master, he established his garden in Portland OR and is leading the front for bonsai in America.

Young Choe

A kusamono artist, she studied traditional art-ink painting and calligraphy in her native Korea. She traveled to japan and studied the kusamono art under master Keiko Yamane, a former student of Saburo Kato.

Robert Mahler

Based in PA. He apprenticed under Chase Rosade of Rosade Bonsai in PA. Spent 4 years under the world renowned bonsai artist Susumo Sudo in Tochigiken Japan.

Larry Jackel

Curator of the Bill Hosokawa Bonsai Pavilion at the Denver Botanic Gardens. He is a great artist and is known for tree species native to Colorado.

Roy Nagatoshi

Has over 50 years of professional service. Continuing his father's, Shigeru Nagatoshi, bonsai practice in Slymar, California since 1965. 

Dr. John Kirby

Based in CT, Dr Kirby is a professor and Dean of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences at the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Kirby is a bonsai professional and participates in various workshops.

Jack Sustic

Former curator of the Bonsai and Penjing Museum at the National Arboretum. Jack is a bonsai professional and participates in various workshops.

Aaron Stratten

Our current NVBS president, also a Fairfax County Art Director, has played quite in integral part in promoting discussions on the art side of bonsai. His vast knowledge in ceramics and bonsai pot creation has also pushed the club to new heights.

Rich Bozak

A current member of NVBS, and a committed student studying bonsai design with Ryan Neil. Rich brings to the table a substantial amount of knowledge of Mirai techniques. His area of expertise is with junipers.

Chuck Croft

The PBA current president and past president of NVBS is a wealth of bonsai knowledge. Chuck has covered everything from horticultural practices to design applications in past presentations. 

Joe Gutierrez

A current member of NVBS, Joe is known as a "magician" with bonsai. He's made incredible transformations with trees and has a vast amount of bonsai knowledge.

Steven Miller

A freelance illustrator, potter, past president of PBA and current president of Peaceful Way Bonsai Club in upper Maryland, Steven is a great artist and has created many beautiful bonsai pots.

With many more presenters to come!